About Precision Microsource

Precision Microsource, Inc. is an international distributor of technology solutions. The company's unique selling proposition is its ability to quickly locate and deliver hard-to-find solutions, equipment, and its replacement parts for customer's critical needs.

With just 40K in the bank in 1994, Precision Microsource's president and CEO, Dagoberto Pineda, along with a business partner, started a company that distributed DRAM, networking, and other IT products. Dagoberto firmly believed that his products would sell around the world; and they did. He successfully sold his stake in that company in 2008. Having the experience on how to successfully align a company that distributes technology products around the world, Mr. Pineda took on Precision Microsource, Inc. The company, which is based in San Juan Capistrano, California, is well respected, it has relationships around the world, and partnerships with top technology manufacturers, such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Netgear, Liebert Emerson, and others.

Dagoberto's long term vision in business is building life-long relationships around the world, growing a business beyond expectation, and contributing to the company's stake holders and society the best that he can.

Dagoberto Pineda
Precision Microsource's
President and CEO